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Riverside Retirement Manor encapsulates all that is good about Pinelands. It has a sense of community where people are positive, supportive and care for each other.

The friendliness of Riverside Retirement Manor staff and the easy expertise with which they go about their duties sets a tone that is warm and relaxed yet always professional. With us, you know you’re in good hands.

From local doctors to onsite senior and junior nursing staff, our people are professionals who care intimately for all our residents.

We provide a retirement lifestyle based on a real understanding of your need for an environment that’s inspirational, safe and secure, comfortable and caring.

  Invest in a Riverside Retirement Manor Pinelands apartment and you get:  
  • assisted living to meet your every need
• an independent lifestyle
• totally committed 24-hour nursing staff
  • a fully equipped health care centre
• sophisticated, 24-hour security
• good food and great company.
Legal title is by way of Life Right. A scheme under the Housing Development Schemes for retired persons, Act No. 65 of 1998 as amended.